Software development

Software development

We create products of high quality for different purposes. Our team develops applications for successful businesses, educational sphere and governmental sector to provide the best service in various areas. Evolution studio programmers team consists of experienced and dedicated professionals, who enjoy their work and ready to find the unique solution to any challenging issue.
We start building an application with understanding of the fact that the client’s business needs to involve optimal technologies and team structure for every project. While working on a project, Evolution Studio's specialist becomes a part of it. Success of the product is success of the team, that was working on it. It’s personal success of every developer, tester, designer and manager.
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Evolution studio's software development team services are:

Concept and design documentation development
Software re-engineering
Business software development
Business process automation
Low-level software development
UI/UX design, software products design
Software testing and QA
Product customization
Consulting, product audit
Support and maintenance