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The program is a multimedia product, an online portal which can be used by coaches, doctors, teachers, analysts and statisticians. The idea originates from Holland where it was tested and used effectively.

The program allows to evaluate individual health state according to several parameters BMI (Body Mass Index), VOMax (Maximum Oxygen Consumption), Fitness Index,stamina, heart rhythm, etc. It gives the user an opportunity to create an individual fitness course, to organise his healthy diet and to monitor the implementation of the recommendations. One of the vital parameters which are analysed by the program is heart rate. Taking into account the rest heart rate and your physical state it’s possible to calculate individual exercise capacity. The formulas are created by professionals - doctors and sportsmen. They allow to make your training sessions effective and beneficial for your health.
This program functions on the basis of the data got during training sessions. Modern equipment records the exercise heart rate and sends a message to the portal. In this way the user might evaluate quality of each training, his/her exercise heart rate, compare it with previous results and get further recommendations. The information about the trainings and progress are kept in the database and used for further analytical procedures. Users data are protected by multi level passwords and can’t be opened by a stranger.

The portal’s main advantage is its systematic database and its automatically generated reports which are meant to find any deviation from the medical norm of an individual or a group of users. These reports allow to take immediate measures if needed. Another important feature is the speed of processing enquiries. Those data which usually can be obtained only after several visits to the doctor and take a lot of your time are available in a few seconds as soon as the the enquiry is send.